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When I first started working with Patrick, I lacked confidence and struggled with the idea that I could ever lose enough weight to be happy. Now, however, I am more confident and comfortable with myself than I have ever been. I am happy with how I look, and, more importantly, I am proud of what my body can do. Patrick transformed me into an athlete. I no longer just "work out", forcing myself to go to the gym and perform exercises without any joy. These days, I go to the gym to train, and I love it. - Susan

​Online Coaching

Eat, Train, Progress is focused on providing innovative, personalized coaching to help people improve the quality of their diet and achieve their fitness goals. Through the medium of online coaching, I will work with you to create a program that takes into account your individual goals, limitations, preferences, and training environment.


Before making any commitments, we will meet one-on-one over Skype and talk about your goals, answer any questions you may have, and discuss how we can be awesome together.


I do stuff. Here is some of the stuff I do.


Do you ever go to the gym and not know what the hell you’re doing? Maybe you’ve followed a program on the internet and it just didn’t make you as awesome as you thought it would? I can fix that.


This is what all the cool kids do. Stare at my huge head on Skype every other week while I stroke my awesome beard. Seriously though, we will get to know each other and I will provide you with continual and reliable feedback and support.


Want to chat with me and ask me questions about diet, training or some other crap? Want me to check out your lifting videos? Want me to beatbox? Let’s talk.

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I like making friends, helping them, and then watching them do all kinds of awesome shit. I also like feeding my kids, and fortunately these things go hand in hand.

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