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“​What I believe really sets Patrick apart, other than his expertise, is his empathy. He can relate to your issues, acknowledge them, and work with you to help mitigate or solve them. He has the knowledge and experience to be able to set you on the right path, but unlike many in the field he will suggest ways to subtly change or improve your environment, lifestyle, and even mindset in ways that can help you achieve your goals.” – Jer Chapman

Meet the Founder,
Patrick Umphrey

My name is Patrick Umphrey. I am married with two children and a dog. My kids mean everything to me, even though sometimes they can be dicks. As a parent, I understand that getting to the gym and eating healthy aren’t always easy or a top priority. Therefore, I make it my business to meet you where you are in terms of customizing an approach that works to get you results.
Not everyone wants to put a barbell on their back and squat. Not everyone wants to put their food on a food scale and log it into an application. These can be valuable tools when they are appropriate, but the same approach doesn’t work for everyone. People are different and it’s my job to determine what those differences are and to find an approach that works for you.
I am not here to judge you, I am here to help you. I will listen to what your needs are and help you identify what’s not working and separate that from what is working. I can also beatbox, which my clients have told me is very helpful and soothing.


The online personal training service provided by Eat, Train, Progress is one with a difference; it focuses on helping you to achieve your weight loss and health goals in a way that perfectly suits your lifestyle. While there are plenty of fantastic programs out there, Patrick and the team offers fitness and health coaching that comes with a strong set of core values and a passion for empowering clients.

Offering a person-centred approach they provide a service that is customizable, allowing the team to work with each person in a different way. This approach is successful, because it considers each individual’s needs as an important part of the process of achieving a stronger and healthier body.

The aim of the services provided is to help you get stronger and more confident, improving your level of fitness and health in the process. Patrick understands that when you look good, you feel good, which is why he focuses on making people feel better about themselves. As part of the person-centred approach of Eat, Train, Progress, Patrick also focuses on helping people to learn to enjoy physical activity, empower them and ensure that fitness and exercise remain parts of daily life.​

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